Understanding Financial Options

Transparency from the Start

The emotional tax of a fertility journey can be heightened by the fees associated with it. Our mission is to cut through that with honesty and support from the beginning. While we can’t predict each patient’s exact costs, we can offer complete clarity on treatment pricing as well as options for navigating finances throughout your journey.

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Understanding What's Covered

Patients can access services that are insured by their province. Before any of these services are covered, you will need a referral from another physician (we recommend a family doctor). Please speak with our Financial Concierge who can help explain further what’s covered.

Pricing Guide: Non-Insured Fertility Care

Within our guide, we offer a high-level look at treatment and the associated costs. Please feel reach to reach out with questions for further clarity.

Pricing varies by location, so please choose from the dropdown below.

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Effective January 1, 2023. Prices in Canadian dollars.

Financing and Resources

Our holistic approach to fertility care includes helping you navigate your financial path to parenthood. Learn more about our financing partners and the options you have as you embark on your journey.

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Financial Concierge

After your New Patient Consult, the Financial Concierge helps patients navigate their service options and agreements. Furthermore, the Financial Concierge will provide invoices and letters for CRA and insurance purposes upon request - all other patients can refer to their agreements in the Prelude app.

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