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Fertility Wellness & Acupunture

In order to optimize your chances of success with fertility treatments, the physicians at PCRM advocate for a healthy lifestyle. This includes taking prenatal vitamins containing at least 0.4 mg of folic acid, eating a healthy balanced diet, maintaining a healthy body weight, getting enough sleep, and engaging in regular physical activity. Patients should also refrain from smoking and discuss the use of any medications with their physician.

PCRM believes that some Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) therapies can be helpful in the management of infertility. Some patients may choose to do in vitro fertilization (IVF) with the addition of acupuncture. Many of our patients also find value in yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and exercise during treatment and throughout pregnancy. Naturopathic Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners help our patients by providing not just acupuncture, but also through a variety of lifestyle modifications that assist with weight loss and stress relief. Optimizing health is critical for success in both natural conception and fertility treatments.

For patients who are interested, PCRM has worked closely with a number of CAM practitioners over the years to provide an integrated approach to their fertility care.

Please schedule all Integrated Wellness appointments directly through their respective offices:

Drs. Charlene Chan and Danny Jui (Coquitlam)
Ray Clinic
For appointments: 604-461-7900

Dr. Spence Pentland (Vancouver/Surrey)
Yinstill Reproductive Wellness

Stephanie Curran (Victoria)
Elements of Health Centre

Wellness Links

Dr. Spence Pentland
Dr. Charlene Chan, Naturopathic Physician
The Integrated Health Clinic
Cross Roads Naturopathic Clinic
Downtown Wellness Centre
Acutherapy and Herbal Clinic
Healing Cedar Wellness in Port Moody
Rocky Point Acupuncture
Elements of Health (Victoria)

Mental Health Resources for Fertility Patients

PCRM Specific Support Groups

FMC Virtual Support Meeting
Virtual meetings via MS teams RSVP: join the private “Fertility Matters- Alberta Support” Facebook page, or email

PCRM Virtual Support Group
At this time the support group is only for women who have not yet had a successful pregnancy. Virtual Support Group is held every 4 to 6 weeks. If you are interested in participating, please contact us via email:

Website Resources

Fertility Matters Canada
Fertility Matters Canada (FMC) is the leading national patient-focused organization providing free support, public education, and advocacy for equitable access to fertility care in Canada. Province-specific support groups can be found on the website for various groups such as male support groups, single parenting, and LGBTG2A+ support.
Hope Mental Health for Women Hope Platform ( Resource for women to help with pregnancy, postpartum, life challenges and trauma, relationships, menopause.

Registered Psychologist Specialized in fertility (Self-Referral)

Terry Karpman
Terry is a Registered Psychologist located in Edmonton who has been working in the fertility field for over 10 years helping couples deal with struggles and challenges of infertility. She also offers counseling to patients with depression, anxiety, stress, bereavement, grief and loss.
(780) 421-1747

Caroline Andersen
Caroline is a Registered Psychologist located in Edmonton. She specializes in infertility issues and works with individuals and couples undergoing infertility treatment. She also works with individuals struggling with grief and loss, anxiety, depression and trauma.
(780) 604-6828

Ronda Trumper
Ronda is a Registered Psychologist specializing in fertility.
(403) 827-4113

Burnaby Patients

Chandra Sen, MA, RCC

Leeya Schachter

Karin Schwartz, MS RSW

Janna Glassman, MA RSW

Victoria Patients

Holly Yager, Med, RCC
Reproductive Health & Fertility Counselling
1285 W. Broadway Ave., Unit 600
Vancouver BC V6H 3X8
For online scheduling:

For a comprehensive list of mental health resources, please contact our team.

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