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Egg freezing is done for a variety of reasons, including fertility preservation after the diagnosis of cancer, as well as for social reasons. For information on egg freezing or sperm freezing before cancer treatments, please see our section on Cancer Fertility Preservation.

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The Benefits of Choosing PCRM for Egg Freezing

At our fertility clinics in Greater Vancouver, BC and Edmonton, AB, our approach to egg freezing and fertility preservation is where advanced technology and personalized care meet. Whether choosing egg freezing for medical reasons or personal ones, our team will be there to guide you with invaluable insights and answers to all your questions and concerns.

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The Social Egg Freezing Revolution

Social egg freezing refers to the banking of eggs for the purpose of delaying childbearing. In 2013, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) removed the ‘experimental’ label from this technology, and since then its popularity has increased exponentially. Social egg freezing is important because women in our society are choosing to have children later in life. According to Statistics Canada, 2010 marked the first time in our history that more women in their 30s were having children than women in their 20s. In British Columbia, the percentage of live births to women ages 35 and older rose from 11% in 1991 to 23% in 2011.

In order to freeze their eggs, women must undergo a very similar process to an in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle. This involves injections of gonadotropin hormones for approximately 10 days to stimulate the development and maturation of multiple eggs at once. The eggs are then removed from the ovaries and checked under a microscope for maturity. Unfortunately, egg quality cannot be tested at this point but it can be inferred based on age. Mature eggs are then frozen (cryopreserved) using flash-freezing technology called vitrification. Eggs can be frozen for an indefinite amount of time without damage to the eggs. According to Canadian guidelines, women can use their frozen eggs to achieve a pregnancy up until age 50.

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