Acupuncture at PCRM Edmonton

Fertile Way Wellness is a collective of allied professionals supporting Fertility, Miscarriage, PCOS, Hormonal/ Immune health and Holistic Mental Health in Edmonton and area. Founded by Dr.Sabrina Souto, a Registered Acupuncturist with 20+ years of clinical experience, originally from Calgary.

Fertile Way vets all Registered Acupuncturists so you can be confident you are receiving the highest caliber of care at PCRM. Please visit to learn more about important factors and questions to ask when seeking an allied care provider.

Fertile Way provides onsite acupuncture, including:

  • Time spent in the treatment room, custom playlists and weighted blankets to reduce the fight, flight or freeze response.
  • Evidence based supports outside of the treatment room, that are simple to integrate.
  • Empathy and skill. Whether this is your first experience with Acupuncture, or you are currently supported by allied care, we will ensure your comfort and the best possible outcome. If you wish, we can communicate with your current Acupuncturist with any observations we have discovered. As two sets of eyes are always better than one.
  • Educating when appropriate, and effective communication from a holistic point of view.

What is offered onsite at PCRM?

  1. Based on evidence Acupuncture during IVF or IUI transfer can increase positive outcome
    upwards of 20%
    (In this study it is upwards of 25% for acupuncture before the transfer)
  2. Based on evidence Acupuncture increases live births by 30-40% when treatments are on
    going, prior to conception (3-6 months ideally) and during pregnancy.
  3. Based on evidence Acupuncture supports male factor infertility – including semen quality
    sperm health, varicocele, and ED
  4. Evidence shows that Acupuncture helps regulate menses in patients with PCOS in at least
    50% of participants.

To book an appointment:

call: 780-885-0552
text: 780-885-0552