Cancer Fertility Preservation

Oncofertility Care

At PCRM, we understand that a cancer diagnosis can bring immense emotional and physical challenges, especially when it comes to preserving your fertility while undergoing lifesaving treatments. That’s why we proudly offer comprehensive oncofertility services, a specialized branch of fertility medicine that focuses on preserving the reproductive potential of cancer patients.

The Benefits of Choosing PCRM for Oncofertility

PCRM offers a comprehensive oncofertility program led by Dr. Jeff Roberts, who received special training during his fellowship at New York’s Cornell Medical Center, where the first human ovarian transplant was performed, and many of the commonly employed fertility-sparing techniques pioneered. Supported by a staff with over 15 years of experience with cryopreservation, the PCRM laboratory has the instrumentation and technical expertise required to conduct the techniques of egg, embryo, sperm, and ovarian tissue cryopreservation. We also subsidize oncofertility services for eligible patients and work with pharmaceutical companies to supply medication.

Our Oncofertility Program

Although modern medical therapies for cancer have become immensely successful, the price paid for survival is often the loss of reproductive function. Using assisted reproductive technologies, including cryopreservation and in vitro fertilization (IVF), we are able to provide our patients with hope for their future family-building plans.

Oncofertility for Women

To be eligible for oncofertility and cancer fertility preservation, female patients must have the following criteria:

For female oncofertility patients, PCRM will provide the following:

Power of Hope-Application for Women

Oncofertility for Men

At PCRM, we provide the following oncofertility services for male cancer patients:

Power of Hope – Application for Men

Patient Financial Responsibilities

Oncofertility atients are financially responsible for:

Cryopreservation storage fees for eggs, embryos, and sperm, beyond one year at $400 – $420, as well as any fees related to the utilization of the eggs and embryos for future treatments at 50% off.
Medications not provided by PCRM Fertility Preservation Foundation and our participating vendors will be provided “at cost” (no markup) through the PCRM Fertility Medication Dispensary. These costs uncommonly exceed $1000 and depend on the availability of compassionate products.

Financial Assistance Options

In partnership with Fertile Future, PCRM will subsidize cryopreservation (banking) of eggs, embryos, or sperm at our facility. Medication may be provided by PCRM Fertility Preservation Foundation; however, the availability of the product is variable. Three of our pharmaceutical vendors, EMD Serono Canada, Merck Canada, and Ferring Canada, may provide us with compassionate medication on request.
Further Information

Further Information

Fertility Preservation CFAS Guidelines

Advocacy and Awareness – Fertile Future

Fertile Future is a Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to providing fertility preservation information and support to cancer patients and oncology health care providers. PCRM’s very own Dr. Roberts serves as the President of this exceptional organization. For more information, please visit their website or read the Fertile Future Power of Hope Brochure.

Choose PCRM for Oncofertility in Canada

Facing cancer is a battle no one should fight alone, and we are dedicated to providing compassionate and personalized care to help you navigate the complex intersection of cancer treatment and fertility preservation. If you have any questions regarding your treatment or the PCRM Fertility Preservation Program please feel free to contact Dr. Jeffrey Roberts through the clinic at 604-422-7276 or directly by email:

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