Third-Party Reproduction

Third-Party Reproduction with PCRM

Thanks to cutting-edge advancements in assisted reproductive technology (ART), the path to parenthood has never been so accessible or varied. Today, many people who were once unable to conceive or carry a pregnancy on their own can now pursue their family-building dreams with the help of a third party, also known as third-party reproduction.

Third-party reproduction, simply put, is a form of ART that involves the help of someone else. The most common forms of third-party reproduction are egg/sperm donation, in which a known or anonymous person donates their eggs or sperm to help someone else conceive, and gestational surrogacy, in which a woman carries a pregnancy and gives birth to a baby for another family.

At our fertility clinics in Greater Vancouver, BC and Edmonton, AB, our third-party reproduction teams are here to guide you through this incredibly unique journey to parenthood.

Is third-party reproduction right for you?

There is a wide range of scenarios in which third-party reproduction may be an appropriate treatment option, including:

  • Male or female infertility
  • Previous unsuccessful IVF cycles
  • Single aspiring parents
  • LGBTQ+ family-building
  • Avoiding passing down a genetic disorder

No matter what your needs are, rest assured that your fertility care team will provide you with the most personalized service possible.

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PCRM has long offered aspiring parents throughout British Columbia, Alberta, and British Columbia the option of egg donation, sperm donation, and gestational surrogacy to assist them on their path to parenthood. To learn more about third-party reproduction with PCRM, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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