His specialty training was completed at the University of Alberta. Dr. Seethram’s early practice was more focused on surgical and laparoscopic management of women’s health, but in the last ten years, his focus has shifted to a combined practice with infertility, IVF and prenatal genetics. He has extensive ultrasound background and training, and is focused in First Trimester Screening for genetic abnormalities, as accredited by Fetal Medicine Foundation. He is also a Clinical Associate Professor at the UBC Faculty of Medicine, as well as the University of Alberta, and teaches in the Medical School and Fellowship programs.

Dr. Seethram’s research interests include placental function and the impact of early placental disorders on expression of placental proteins. He is also interested on the impact of the early endometrium on implantation, and currently is participating in a multicentre trial on the effect of the endometrium and its bacterial balance on pregnancy rates.

He is also interested on the impact of fertility treatments on women, couples, and families and has a keen interest on ensuring that people receive practical and productive advice, while keeping evidence-based practice at the centre of care.