Fertility medications can range in price from under $100 (for letrozole or clomiphene tablets) to $4000 – $6000 for injectable medications for IVF. If you have extended health benefits coverage, it may help cover medication costs during treatment.

None of the medications used during fertility treatments are covered by any provincial medication coverage.  In order to help navigate your insurer, here are some resources:

Checking with your insurance provider

Below is a full list of fertility medications.

Examples of the most common medications for each fertility treatment are listed below, you can check your benefits coverage by noting the Drug Information Numbers:


  • IUI
    • Letrozole (02343657)
  • IVF
    • Puregon (02243948), Gonal F (02270404), Menopur (02283093), Rekovelle (02474093), Orgalutran (02245641), Cetrotide (02247766)
  • Frozen Embryo Transfer
    • Prometrium (02166704), Estrace (02148595)
    • Progesterone in Sesame Oil (02446820), Compounded-Progesterone in Oil (66123252)

Insurance Coverage

We can help you work with your insurance company to investigate what medications you might have coverage for.  In order to do this, a release of information notification is required (see below).

Navigating your Insurer

Contact your Insurer prior to starting treatment to get a better understanding of what is covered during your fertility treatment cycle.

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