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    An egg donor may be needed to provide half of the genetic material to achieve parenthood for LGBTQ couples, some straight couples, or single men or women who wish to become parents. Those searching for an egg donor can use either a known donor or anonymous donation of frozen eggs from the bank.

    Egg donor screening

    In order to determine donor suitability, egg donor programs go through a screening process that involves a psychological and medical evaluation. Donors provide extensive details about their medical and family histories and lifestyle habits. Tests for genetic markers and infectious diseases are also conducted and used to identify potential risks for genetic or medical health issues. Before egg donation, donor candidates also meet with a reproductive attorney.

    Once you’ve chosen an egg donor, our specialists will guide you through the next steps.


    Male couples will need to find both an egg donor and a surrogate to carry the pregnancy. Gestational surrogacy is a common route to achieve parenthood. A gestational carrier is a woman that has no genetic relationship to the pregnancy (the embryo was not created from her egg). Once an egg donor is selected, embryos are produced in a standard IVF procedure and then implanted into the gestational surrogate’s uterus. The baby will contain the genetic makeup of the donor egg and the sperm used in the IVF cycle. The most common situation in a fertility clinic is when two men use their sperm to fertilize donor eggs. The surrogate can be a family member, a friend, or someone recommended by an agency. Keep in mind that Canadian law states that surrogates cannot receive payment. Legal agreements that are drafted by specialized fertility lawyers are essential for both the surrogate and the couple seeking fertility treatment. A fertility lawyer can also help with the application for parentage of the baby after birth.

    Learn more about donor egg treatment options in Vancouver. Our team will provide support and resources to assist you with your donor treatment journey. Contact PCRM to learn more about surrogacy in Vancouver and the option of using donor eggs for LGBTQ families today.