We have compiled a list of answers to commonly asked questions about infertility, infertility treatments and pregnancy.

When am I most fertile?
When do I need to start taking precautions for pregnancy?
What are the most common causes of infertility?
Is it safe to have local anaesthetic for dental procedures during fertility treatments and pregnancy? If dental procedures are needed local use of anaesthetics is safe in pregnancy?
Are antibiotics safe during fertility treatments or pregnancy?
What vaccinations are safe during pregnancy?
What can I use for constipation?
What can I use for heartburn (acid reflux)?
What if I have a genital herpes outbreak during treatment?
What if I’m between my fertility treatment procedure and the pregnancy test and bleeding?
What if I am pregnant and bleeding/spotting?
I am pregnant and having pain. Is this normal?
I just had a fertility treatment procedure and having pain. Is this normal?
How can I treat a headache/migraine during fertility treatment or pregnancy?
Is it safe to dye my hair during pregnancy?
I’m doing IVF and my cervical mucous is thinning and heavier. Am I ovulating?
When should I be ejaculating/having intercourse during fertility treatment?
How do I know if I’m infertile?
What is the success rate of fertility treatment?