Although modern medical therapies for cancer in women have become immensely successful, the price paid for survival is often the loss of reproductive function from ovarian toxicity. Pacific Centre for Reproductive Medicine (PCRM) conducts a program providing the latest in fertility preservation technologies in an effort to offer hope and future fertility for woman undergoing potentially sterilizing medical therapies.

These services require the use of assisted reproductive technologies, including in vitro fertilization, and the cryopreservation of eggs, embryos and ovarian tissue. PCRM subsidizes these services for eligible patients and works with pharmaceutical companies to supply medication. Our staff are tremendously proud to be part of this program and excited to serve this important and compassionate cause.

Pacific Centre for Reproductive Medicine (PCRM) is unique in its ability to offer these technologies. The clinical staff have been assembled from the some of the finest IVF centres over the continent. The director of our fertility preservation program, Dr. Jeff Roberts, received special training during his fellowship at New York’s Cornell Medical Center, where the first human ovarian transplant was performed, and many of the commonly employed fertility sparing techniques pioneered. The PCRM IVF laboratory has the instrumentation and technical expertise required to conduct the techniques of egg, embryo, and ovarian tissue cryopreservation. In particular the PCRM laboratory staff have over fifteen years of experience freezing all developmental stages of human pre-embryos, and have a particular interest in egg freezing.

Program Requirements

The PCRM staff is here to support you through this very difficult time, and help provide you with future pregnancy in the event that your fertility is compromised by cancer treatments. In partnership with Fertile Future, PCRM will subsidize cryopreservation (banking) of eggs, embryos or sperm at our facility. Medication may be provided by PCRM Fertility Preservation Foundation; however availability of product is variable. Three of our pharmaceutical vendors, EMD Serono Canada, Merck Canada and Ferring Canada, may provide us with compassionate medication on request.

Female criteria for PCRM Fertility Preservation Program:

• Under 40 and resident of British Columbia or Alberta with valid provincial health coverage (BC MSP/AHCIP)
• Medical clearance from both your oncology team and the PCRM physicians
• No prior exposure to chemotherapeutic agents or pelvic radiation
• Undergoing cancer therapy that will potentially reduce your future fertility (chemotherapy or pelvic radiotherapy)

PCRM will provide:

• One (1) discounted IVF with ICSI treatment cycle. Please call to inquire regarding discounts available for treatment services and medication.
• Request for additional funding through the Power of Hope Cost Reduction Program through Fertile Future with reimbursement up to $2000.
• Free cryopreservation of any egg and embryos generated, with storage for a period of one (1) year

Power of Hope-Application for Women

• Discounted sperm cryopreservation. Please call to inquire regarding discount available for this service.
• Request for additional funding through the Power of Hope Cost Reduction Program through Fertile Future with reimbursement up to $350.

Power of Hope – Application for Men

Patients are financially responsible for:
  • Annual Cryopreservation storage fees for eggs, embryos, sperm beyond one year and any fees related to the utilization of the eggs and embryos for future treatments at a discounted rate. Please call to inquire regarding discounts available for treatment services and medication.
  • Medications not provided by PCRM Fertility Preservation Foundation and our participating vendors will be provided “at cost” (no mark-up) through the PCRM Fertility Medication Dispensary. These costs uncommonly exceed $1000 and depend on the availability of compassionate product.

If you have any questions regarding your treatment or the PCRM Fertility Preservation Program please feel free to contact Dr. Jeffrey Roberts through the clinic, 604-422-7276 or directly by email:

Further Information

Fertility Preservation CFAS Guidelines


100% of the money donated to the PCRM Fertility Preservation Foundation will be used for the purchase of fertility medications for patients utilizing this program

Advocacy and Awareness – Fertile Future

Liz Ellwood is the founder of Fertile Future, a non-profit organization set up to improve awareness and educate patients and providers about the options of fertility preservation in cancer patients. For more information, please visit their website.

Fertile Future Power of Hope Brochure

Dr. Roberts is a medical advisor & President to Fertile Future and Dr. Dunne serves as Vice-President.