1 in 6: Canadian Infertility Awareness Week

Posted on May 20, 2015

Fertility Clinics Can Help

May is traditionally a fun month for all of us out here in Vancouver. With the trees and flowers well in bloom (hello sunshine!), many of us get to celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday with a well-deserved long weekend. For the PCRM team, May is notable for another great reason.

May 19 - 28 officially marks the 9th annual Canadian Infertility Awareness Week (CIAW). This outreach initiative was started in 2007 by the Infertility Awareness Association of Canada (IAAC). This year's theme is “I am 1 in 6,” in reference to the ratio of Canadian couples struggling with infertility. As a fertility clinic, Pacific Centre for Reproductive Medicine (PCRM) is proud to be associated with the IAAC in their ongoing efforts to raise public awareness and provide a community of support for infertility sufferers. Trust us, you are not alone.

The Canadian Infertility Awareness Week encourages people to share their experiences and to take control of their reproductive lives. Visit the Infertility Awareness Association of Canada website at iaac.ca/en/event/503 for more information about how to participate online using the hashtag #1in6 and #IVFCanada.

In the spirit of awareness, PCRM would like to shed some much needed light on the topic of infertility with those people still coming to terms with its effects. It's never easy to accept that something is not working, especially when that something is related to your reproductive health.

What is Infertility?

Make no mistake about it, infertility is a medical condition. People are inclined to chalk up a lack of reproductive success to bad timing or bad luck: this is rarely the only explanation. If you and your partner have been unsuccessful in your attempts to conceive after a year of trying—6 months if the female partner is over 35 years of age—chances are, you may be dealing with infertility issues. Don't fret, more than 15% of aspiring couples of reproductive age find themselves in the exact same boat. Infertility affects men and women equally, and the root cause could stem from multiple factors. Rest assured, you have options in overcoming these hurdles, our Burnaby fertility clinic is here to help.

PCRM specializes in In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), the process of retrieving eggs from the ovary, fertilizing them scientifically, and transferring the resulting embryos back to the mother. With a world-class laboratory, and IVF clinics boasting the latest in diagnostic and ultrasound technology, our team of experienced Physicians, scientists, nurses and counselors are well positioned to help you realize your dreams of parenthood.

We've had a strong success rate with our IVF procedures; however, IVF is generally regarded as a last resort. PCRM provides a full range of reproductive services that may be deemed more appropriate for your specific situation including Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) and other less complicated treatments.

Where to Begin?

Opting for fertility treatment is a big decision. PCRM's website offers many resources including statistics, a patient orientation guide and pertinent information on all of our procedures, in order to get you thinking about the treatment process.

If you believe you are experiencing infertility, we suggest you speak with your family doctor first. They are best suited to provide advice on conception and to determine your candidacy to clinics such as PCRM. If this turns out to be the case, our website conveniently provides all the downloadable referral forms you will need prior to your first visit.

Are you a resident of British Columbia, Canada? Did you know that your initial consultation, lab test and follow up appointment at our fertility clinics located in Burnaby, Surrey and Vancouver are all covered under the province's Medical Services Plan? PCRM has a Fee Guide with complete breakdown of the costs associated with our full range of services. We also provide financing resources for couples requiring IVF treatments.

Whether you're committed to a course of action or not, it's always nice to know what the options are.

Seeking Help

Friends and family are a good support base, but speaking with a professional will ensure you receive the proper medical advice. When people are empowered with the correct knowledge, they can make the best decisions regarding their reproductive health. For many people, making that first inquiry by phone or email is a real challenge. Just remember, reaching out is potentially the first step in achieving successful fertilization.

As much as we try to plan out every aspect of our lives, not everyone is lucky enough to conceive on schedule (or at all for that matter). Canadian Infertility Awareness Week is all about showcasing our support for people who have suffered in their attempts to start a family. People are encouraged to participate in a number of ways:

Discussion and awareness is crucial when it comes to dealing with infertility. PCRM's experienced staff and state-of-the-art facilities can help when you are ready. Visit our Contact page if you would like to schedule a consultation, or if you have any questions regarding our services.

You're not alone in your journey.

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