Endometrial Receptivity Array-ERA

Posted on July 31, 2023

Endometrial receptivity array, or ERA, has become a relatively common test in the fertility world. By some it has also been heavily marketed directly to patients as a necessary step before frozen embryo transfer. The test involves doing a mock cycle for frozen embryo transfer and medications followed by a biopsy of the endometrium, which can cause painful cramps. At PCRM, we have used this test sparingly, and infrequently, because of the lack of scientific data to support it.

Today, a study published by the original creators of the ERA test was released. Endometrial receptivity array was associated with lower pregnancy rates, even in genetically tested embryos. We believe this study highlights the importance of evidence based medicine. In some areas of infertility care, patients are keen to do whatever possible if it might improve their chances. However, we believe it is important to maintain a careful, individualized and objective approach to new technologies in order to avoid potentially harmful procedures or medications before they are scientifically proven.

A note to our patients that if you have had an ERA to inform about embryo transfer timing, please review with your doctor prior to starting your FET cycle.

The link to the study is in our bio.


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