PCRM Patient's Inspiring Fertility Journey

Posted on November 7, 2017

The people we help at Pacific Centre of Reproductive Medicine (PCRM) are more than just patients, they are family. We go through emotional ups and downs with our patients, and are there as a constant support system. We recently had the pleasure to sit down with one of our patients to hear how her beautiful fertility journey unfolded from her perspective. We now get the opportunity to share it with all of you. To protect her privacy, we’ve changed her name to Jess.

In 2013, Jess and her husband decided they wanted to grow their family. After a year of trying for a baby, they thought it was time to seek help. After researching many fertility clinics, Jess and her husband decided PCRM was the right fit and booked her initial consultation.

Leading up to Jess’ first consultation at PCRM she was, understandably, petrified. But after easing into the first visit, she tells us the people surrounding her made Jess feel much more at ease. After her first round of testing, our team of fertility doctors in Vancouver were optimistic that they found a solution, and began fertility treatment.

After we discovered the underlying issue, and Jess went through more testing, it became evident that IVF treatment would be the best way for Jess and her husband to have a baby. As nervous as the needles made Jess feel, she powered through and decided that this is what she needed to do to have a baby. Over the two years of treatment, Jess went through several cycles of IVF before a successful pregnancy. When asked to describe the moment when she first found out, she replied, “no words, absolutely no words.” She even took 8 pregnancy tests just to be sure!

After going for her second blood test, the doctors told her the pregnancy was progressing. That day also happened to be Jess and her husband’s 5th wedding anniversary– the best one to date! 9 months and 34 hours of labour later, Jess brought her beautiful baby into the world. When asked what it felt like to hold her baby for the first time, she replied for the second time, “no words.”

Jess’ four and half year fertility journey has given her much insight into the world of reproductive medicine. Her number one piece of advice to people starting their journey is to never do it alone. Whether you find your support system online, with friends and family, or with the PCRM staff, it is important to have someone there. She found the most comfort in the online community where anonymity is protected, and the people know exactly what you’re going through with no judgement– she is still in contact with online friends today! Jess also reminds anybody on the journey to celebrate the little victories and milestones, to take control of the process in your own way, and to keep living your normal life through it all.

Taking the first step is difficult, but it’s people like Jess who are proof of dreams coming true. Through our partnership with our patients, we help them along on their fertility journey to welcome the greatest gift in the world into their lives. PCRM’s IVF success rates are among the highest in the country and our philosophy is to always put the patient first. We support our patients with knowledge, experience, and kindness. No matter how hard the journey may be, Jess – and everybody else we’ve helped through the journey – are proof that together, we can do it! Learn more about our treatments, and contact us for a consultation.

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