West Coast Nurses Fertility Education Day

Posted on April 27, 2018

On April 13th, 2018, one of PCRM’s very own nurses, Danielle Hebner, organized the Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society’s (CFAS) First Annual Westcoast Fertility Nurses Education Day, which was held in Vancouver at the Chan Centre at BC Children’s Hospital.

Danielle, CFAS’s Nursing Special Interest Group (NSIG) Co-Chair, felt there was an educational need for nurses on the west coast to have an in-person learning session, particularly since most conferences have been historically held in the eastern province which can be difficult to attend.

Topics and speakers were:

  1. “Preimplantation Embryo Development – the First 6 days of our Lives” by Dr. Salah Abdelgadir (Olive Fertility Centre)
  2. “Comprehensive Chromosomal Screening” by Dr. Jon Havelock (Pacific Centre for Reproductive Medicine)
  3. “What has Law got to do with it? Legal Implications and Considerations for Assisted Human Reproduction” by barbara findlay Q.C., Monique Shebbeare LLB, Zara Suleman LLM
  4. “Recurrent Pregnancy Loss: Moving the Yardsticks Down the Field” by Dr. Carl Laskin (TRIO Fertility Centre)
    We asked Danielle a few questions about this event to provide some insight as to why these fertility related meetings are so important to nurses working with fertility patients.


At PCRM we are committed to ensuring that our staff is up-to-date on all topics regarding fertility treatments. We congratulate Danielle for a successful, well-organized and informative education day!

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