PCRM has been recognized by Donor Egg Bank USA as the top fertility clinic for Donor Egg pregnancy rates in the country!
We are so proud of our entire embryology team for this recognition.  Special shout out to Jason Au in our PCRM Burnaby laboratory for his Superior Outcomes in Vitrification Warming Award.

Donor eggs are becoming more and more popular as a means to start, or grow, a family. Most commonly, they are used by women who went into menopause early, or those who cannot use their own eggs because of low egg numbers or low egg quality.

Donor egg banks in the USA will ship a batch of frozen eggs (typically 6) to us in Canada. Thawing these eggs requires meticulous technique, which takes years to learn. Because an egg is a single cell, composed mostly of water, they are very delicate. There is no room for error!

Congratulations again to our entire laboratory team for this award. And keep up the good work.