Women are turning to egg freezing as a way to preserve their fertility. According to research on the topic, most women who freeze their eggs do not have a partner at the time. That means their only options would be to either use donor sperm and become a single parent, or freeze eggs and hope that they work if they’re needed in the future. The attached Washington Post article explores one woman’s experience as she decides to thaw her eggs and have a baby. It doesn’t work. She is angry and devastated. This is an important possibility that all women considering egg freezing should know about. I always tell women that there is no number of eggs we can freeze that will guarantee a baby in the future. That said, I still think that egg freezing is a modern scientific miracle. Men continue to make new sperm every two months throughout their lives. Women are at a big reproductive disadvantage because they cannot make new eggs. So, although egg freezing cannot provide a guarantee, for now, it’s the best thing we’ve got.

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