Exploring Fertility Options for Same-Sex Male Couples in Canada: Your Comprehensive Guide

Posted on June 16, 2024

More and more same-sex male couples are embracing the journey of parenthood as the process in Canada continues to become more straightforward. Various fertility options are available to help these couples fulfill their dreams of starting a family. In this guide, we'll explore the fertility landscape for same-sex male couples in Canada, covering legalities, popular methods, and essential considerations.

Before embarking on a fertility journey it is important to have an understanding of same-sex male (or single male) fertility treatment options:

  1. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF): IVF is a widely utilized method for same-sex male couples. In this process, eggs are retrieved from a donor, then fertilized with sperm, and implanted into a gestational carrier or surrogate.
  2. Surrogacy: Surrogacy allows same-sex male couples to have a genetic connection to their child. Canadian law permits altruistic surrogacy, where the surrogate is not financially compensated beyond medical expenses. This option involves legal agreements to clarify parental rights and responsibilities.
  3. Egg Donation: For couples opting for IVF, egg donation may be necessary. Donated eggs can be fertilized with sperm from one partner and implanted into a surrogate.
  4. Adoption: Adoption is another avenue for same-sex male couples to build their families. Adoption agencies across the country provide support and guidance throughout the process.

The fertility journey for cisgender gay men typically involves several important steps to achieve their goal of building a family. These steps include:

  1. Consultation and Evaluation: During your consultation with a fertility specialist, medical history and any potential fertility concerns are discussed. If part of a couple, both partners may undergo fertility evaluations.
  2. Sperm Selection: Depending on the results of the fertility evaluation and/or personal preferences, partners will choose whose sperm will be used to create the embryo.
  3. Egg Donor Selection: Cisgender gay men typically work with an egg bank, where they can select an anonymous or an open-identity frozen egg donor. The frozen eggs are selected from one of the egg banks the clinic works with and will arrange to ship them to the clinic.
  4. Gestational Surrogate Selection: Cisgender gay men typically also work with a gestational surrogate or carrier, which is someone who carries a pregnancy and gives birth to a baby on behalf of someone else.
  5. Legal Considerations: Legal processes, such as surrogacy arrangements and parental rights, need to be addressed early on in the process. This can be difficult to predict, as reproductive laws vary from province to province based on province.
  6. Emotional Considerations: It’s strongly recommended that everyone involved in the family-building process see a certified counselor to discuss the emotional and psychological aspects of using donor eggs and/or a gestational carrier.
  7. Fertility Treatment: Once the chosen sperm has fertilized the donor egg and the resulting embryo has incubated for several days, the embryo is transferred to the surrogate’s uterus for implantation.
  8. Pregnancy: Once the surrogate becomes pregnant, the pregnancy is monitored very closely by a fertility doctor until it is time to transfer the surrogate’s care to an OB/GYN. During this time, the intended fathers get to be actively involved in their surrogate’s journey, attending medical appointments and getting ready for parenthood.
  9. Childbirth, Parenthood, and Beyond: After the surrogate gives birth to the baby, the child is transferred to you so that you can start bonding immediately. At this point, all legal processes for parental rights will be finalized. Most importantly, you get to take your baby home and start a new chapter of your life as a growing family.

Same-sex male couples in Canada have a plethora of fertility options available to them, empowering them to embark on the journey to parenthood with confidence. From IVF and surrogacy to adoption, each path has its unique considerations and challenges. At PCRM, we provide medical expertise throughout the family-building journey, as well as recommendations and guidance for emotional support and legal representation. Book your consultation with one of our doctors today and start your family-building journey.

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