Making the Most of Your Treatment: PCRM Counseling Sessions

Posted on August 4, 2015

The investigations and treatments for infertility can be enormously stressful for patients.

Did you know PCRM’s fees for in vitro fertilization include a one-hour counseling session that is available at any point during the treatment schedule? We provide a convenient window of four to five weeks for patients looking to book an appointment.

Counseling sessions can be a powerful coping mechanism for those choosing to participate. Unfortunately, not everyone takes advantage of the service.

Chandra, Janna and Karin head up PCRM’s team of expert fertility counselors. They are specially trained to walk couples through the fertility process. Providing patients with a proper bed of emotional support is a vital component of our work. Anyone dealing with an infertility diagnosis is bound to feel overwhelmed with questions. Our team is here to listen and provide you with the specific answers you require.

Couples looking to expand their family arrive at PCRM with equal measures of optimism and trepidation. Seeking medical help and accepting the challenges that lay ahead are always the first crucial steps in a couple’s reproductive journey.

The onset of treatment typically finds couples brimming with anticipation; however, the subsequent highs and lows can produce a lot of residual emotional baggage. It’s not uncommon to hear patients discuss their feelings of frustration, resentment and sadness. Logic doesn’t always factor into our feelings. Make no mistake about it; infertility affects both partners equally in this respect. Open and honest conversation is needed to maintain a healthy pregnancy and a happy partnership.

No matter who you are, inviting a third party into a fertility discussion—be it a medical professional or trusted family member—can feel uncomfortable. PCRM understands the mindset.

Regardless of your cultural background, society has seemingly marginalized the topic of infertility. It is often considered a taboo subject, one that is needlessly confined to the privacy of the bedroom. The popular misconception is that infertility is an exclusive conversation between married partners; this shouldn’t be the case.

Any marriage or domestic partnership survives on good communication; our counselors help facilitate this.

PCRM’s medical staff is available 24/7 to receive any questions that may arise during your treatment. If you wish to extend the conversation, our counselors are available. PCRM prides itself on providing the most comprehensive range of services it can for all its patients.

Interested in booking a counseling session? Let us know; we’re always happy to hear from you.

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