Satellite Services: How We Can Help

Posted on August 11, 2015

As part of our ongoing mission to assist people struggling to conceive, PCRM offers a number of satellite services for those whose primary fertility doctor is located outside the Lower Mainland.

Whether you’re a returning patient from Vancouver, or a first time visitor from outside the city, PCRM is committed to providing the highest quality, most comprehensive care found anywhere. PCRM is pleased to serve as a satellite fertility clinic for a number of physicians located across North America and abroad.

We offer the following services for satellite patients:

When might these services be of benefit to you?

There are instances where patients feel the need to travel outside Vancouver to explore the full range of fertility options and PCRM is able to provide daily monitoring for these patients upon their return. In other situations, patients may choose to travel overseas in order to find a specific type of donor. Additionally, people in the midst of fertility treatment may find themselves on extended vacation in the Vancouver area.

Whatever the need, we’re here to help.

Satellite fertility services are an extension of the treatment already prescribed by your physician. Our satellite services co-ordinator/pharmacy technician, Ron Nand, serves as the liaison between you and your principal care provider. We’ll handle all communication between the respective clinics, ensuring your doctor’s orders are carried out to the letter with the utmost care. Given the time-sensitive nature of fertility work, our clinic guarantees any test results will be delivered in a prompt, courteous fashion.

Infertility is a universal concern and we’ve assisted many global citizens. PCRM maintains strong ties within the reproductive community here and around the world. We’ve worked extensively with the following clinics in neighbouring Washington state:

For returning patients (within a two-year period) PCRM will waive the out-of-country administrative fee. Local residents should be aware that satellite fertility services are not covered by BC’s provincial health plan. For a list of the related fees, click here.

Satellite services offer patients convenience and peace of mind, wherever they seek treatment.

Ron Nand is available throughout the week (during regular business hours) to answer any question you may have concerning the full extent of our satellite services. He can be reached at 604-422-7276 Ext 113.

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